2 Soil data communities and mailing lists

You are reading the work-in-progress An Open Compendium of Soil Sample and Soil Profile Datasets. This chapter is currently draft version, a peer-review publication is pending. You can find the polished first edition at https://opengeohub.github.io/SoilSamples/.

To follow progress of the soil data compilations consider connecting to some of the active communities / registering for the mailing lists and/or discussion groups.

2.1 Pedometrics community

Pedometrics is the commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences. You can read more about pedometrics from <www.pedometrics.org>. There is also Pedometrics mailing list where you can ask more technical questions.

2.2 Digital Soil Mapping community

Digital Soil Mapping community (A Working Group of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)) can be accessed via the home page <www.digitalsoilmapping.org> and/or via the Facebook group on Digital Soil Mapping.